Solid Experience  

With 27 years of legal practice and mediation experience, Laurie Giles has the knowledge, experience, and skills to help clients navigate through the legal maze and achieve their goals and meet their needs.

Client Centered

We are a high touch- highly personalized law firm.  We are committed to working as a team with our clients. We seek to help clients understand their legal rights and responsibilities, so they can make well-informed decisions and take the right actions.  

Tenacious Advocate 

Strategic, creative thinker able to set realistic goals and move beyond the box and deliver innovative results

Proven Track Record

 With both exceptional negotiation and trial skills, Attorney Giles has a  proven track record of achieving the best possible results for her clients.

Attorney, mediator, and author Laurie Giles helps individuals, families, businesses, nonprofit organizations and churches achieve their goals by finding creative, innovative solutions that work.

     Challenging times come into every life and often the first question is; what now? Laurie Giles, Esq. has helped countless individuals, couples and families answer that question. In her roles as an attorney and a mediator, Laurie guides her clients through the legal maze of challenging life-altering events, such as divorce, aging parents, child custody, the death of a spouse and serious illness.

     Attorney Giles, who has served on multiple boards of directors, uses this experience along with her legal knowledge to help organizations grow and flourish.  She offers full-service outside counsel services to many business and nonprofit organizations and churches.

      Laurie is the author of the What Now? Series that gives practical advice and guidance to navigate through life altering situations. Laurie's ability to present complex legal issues in an understandable manner has made her a sought-after media source.  As a former radio talk show host, she has been a guest on numerous local and national radio and television shows including The Stan Simpson Show, Fox, and Friends, Better Connecticut, and Golden Age. As a former radio talk show host she has appeared on countless radio cos S a  has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, Globe and Mail, Arthritis Today,  Charlotte Observer, New Haven Register, Work Style, Today’s Christian Woman, Women Magazine and Connecticut Law Tribune She is also a frequent guest on television and radio shows and has been a speaker at the NAACP National Convention, International Society of Family Law, American Associations of Law Schools Work in Progress Conference. She has conducted seminars at the National Business Institute, Sterling Educational Services, and local community organizations. Her blog appears in the Huffington Post.

     Laurie holds a J.D. from Rutgers University, M.Ed. from Eastern Nazarene College and a BS. from  Springfield College..

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