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Connecticut Expedited Divorce Process

      Divorce in Less Than 30 Days

As of October 2015, many divorcing couples in Connecticut qualify to waive the 90 day waiting period and proceed to divorce immediately.  In fact, it is possible, to finalize your divorce in just one day. Some couples can even finalize their divorce without going before a judge.
The new law has two possible routes: 1) a judge may enter a final divorce without a hearing and 2) a final divorce may be entered based on the terms of the divorce agreement reached between the parties.
The new law requires the divorce to be nonadversarial.  The divorcing couple must agree on all of the terms of their divorce.  Using mediation can help work through the issues and guide in reaching the necessary agreement.
Couples who meet the statutory requirements or have a full agreement should consider both the emotional and cost savings of the expedited divorce process.
Here are some do's and don'ts  that will help you come to an agreement and bypass the 90-day waiting period.
 Agree to only discuss the issues of the divorce.
 Organize all of your financial information
Be transparent when discussing issues
 Be fair and reasonable during negotiations
Spend time arguing about past anger
don't be inflexible
Hide assets

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